Bunyip Whispers in the Dreamtime,


a play by Suzanna Fisher, is performed by reknowned veterns and novice actors.who gave their time and talent to help promote environmental awareness to the rapidly depletion of the natural resources and animal life along Australia's Sunshine Coast.
Meet the Actors who helped make the story come alive.
Main Narrator - Diet Simon
Bruce - Peter Reynolds
Peter rediscovered his passion for theatre and performing 6 years ago at Noosa Arts Theatre. He works with other theatre companies on the Sunshine Coast and is pursuing an independent performance career as Mimi More. "It was a joy to be part of a project to make the world better".
Anna - Mary-Ann Vale
Director & Drama Teacher Mary-Ann Vale donated her skills and talent adding to the over all success of the play. She recently directed Spirits in Bare Feet for USQ and was assistant director of Rabbit Hole at QTC in 2008. She also directed for the Noosa Long Weekend Festival for 5 years.
Bunyip - Evelyn Thomas
Evelyn's ardent love of the theatre and poetry is evident in her contributions as the Bunyip. She is a retired teacher who has performed in several plays for Christchurch and Duendin repertory in N.Z and in Newcastle,AU. She has also produced numerous pantomimes, plays and operettas during her career.
Beerwah - Hinemana Johnson
Tibrogargan (Ole Tib) - Geoffrey Peckitt
Parrot - Carol Baxter


Miss Ko - Vicki O Brien

Mr. Kookaburra - Jack Schlink
Jack has seen corporations and business venturers uncaringly destroying wildlife and habitats along the Sunshine Coast firsthand. An avid supporter of environmental causes "Jumpin' Jack Flash" Schlink, like the character he portrays, advocates protecting natural resources for our future posterity.
Butcher Bird - Bridget
Wombat - Peter Young
Platypus - Liz Gaborit
Pademelon - Anita Tilly


Woylie - Jacqueline Burgess
A young up and coming aspiring actress, Jacqueline brings "Woylie" to life in the play. Furthering her own education at the University of the Sunshine Coast, she is focusing on politics and business. She enhances her love of the arts by attending the National Institute of Dramatic Arts in Sidney.
Quoll - Tara Craig
Kingfisher - Michelle Dennis
Powerful Owl - Kenny Griffith
Wallum sedge frog - Ruby Hoad
Wallaby - John Nepal
Pigeon - Dotty Evans-Lefau
Meet the Crew who made the production possible.
  Rob Ruger's Studio in Boreen Point, QLD   Noosa District Community Radio 101.3 fm.  
John Hartley
Elizabeth Esprester
Jo Hendrie Rob Baillie
Mark Rodriquez ... and many more.
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Writer Suzanna Fisher has lived on several different continents. She is a nature lover, and settled in Australia, where she spent most of her young adult life. After returning to Australia, she noticed that like most tropical rainforests of the World, the "Land Down Under" was losing much of its natural ecological resources. Suzanna wrote the play to help people better understand what it means when we ignore the environment our species depends on for its very survival.
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