Bunyip Whispers in The Dreamtime

© Suzanna Joy

Chapter 1

In the Beginning



Magical stratus clouds were strewn across the sky like finest silken wisps. So white against the bright wintry blue.(FADE IN BACKGROUND MUSIC) Australian day on the large continent was dawning with the redness of the sunrise pouring over the rim of the Pacific. It flowed like lava on the mirrored surface of the sea, fragmenting into navy and turquoise facets throwing their light up towards the mountains.


This dawn split the sky from the ocean. Opposite, the dreaming mountains seemed to listen as if they could hear the sound of the surf pounding, and see the white sands of infinity with paper bark scrub fringing the shore. Endless time rolling outwards and onwards away from us with the eternal waves, into the future. Towards the horizon, a school of opalescent dolphins fled from the great whale that had disturbed their dark. (BIRD SOUND) A magpie lark was fluting his heart out to herald the dawn. Other thrushes and wattlebirds joined in. The clouds streaked orange across from the mountainous rim of trees to the other side where the sky turned brilliant aqua. At the head of the valley huge balls of cotton wool were beginning to pile up into the heavens, all tinged with magenta, in an unbelievable show of light.

Shrouded at the top of the hill, hiding gently behind a veil of mist, the giant fig looked over the tops of the trees. She had been standing there in the forest for 500 years. Today, pale lilac mushrooms with glistening waxy tops, splitting at the edges, grew where her roots grasped at the earth.

A couple of gigantic sauropods foraged (SOUND EFFECTS) along the banks of a nearby billabong. Measured in 20th century terms, they would have been five times as big as Bruce’s ute. Sinuous long limbed lizards scurried in and out among their thumping feet, catching insects attracted by the huge piles of dung. On the opposite bank, a muttaburrasaurus paused to eat the fronds of a tree fern, watched by basking crocodilians.