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Suzanna Fisher

~~~ My birthplace was in a mining town called Luanshya to be found in the dark heart of Africa.  Both my parents were doctors and my father’s parents had come into the area in the late 1800’s as missionaries from England and Ireland. If you have heard of Africa House by Christina Lamb – a biography of Sir Stewart Gore Brown, you may be interested to hear that he was my great uncle.
~~~I was brought up in Northern Rhodesia (as Zambia was called back then).  I went to senior school in Southern Rhodesia and studied Advanced English as well as the required sciences for university entrance. Having dropped out of my medical studies at London University in the UK after five years, I returned to Africa. Here I worked on TVZ (Television Zambia) both as an actress in a movie, and interviewing on “Around the Copperbelt” a weekly roundup.
~~~ I worked as a journalist in the remote outback in the early 80’s:  both as a stringer for the ABC and correspondent writing and selling stories in the News of the North (West Australian Newspaper).  In addition to this I ran a news desk:  editing, writing and presenting the weekly news report on Radio 6NEW for several years. During this time I was lucky enough to interview such dignitaries as ex-president Gerald Ford and the Economic head of the then European Common Market. I also wrote about the King of Sweden, who visited our mining town of 6000 people.
~~~ During the 80 and 90’s I worked as a travel agent for 15 years:  working for airlines and companies as well as running my own agency.
~~~ During the 10 years following my father’s death in 1980 I assisted my mother in the writing and editing of his biography. She decided self publish in Zambia through the White Fathers of the Catholic Church. Nswana the Heir was totally sold out in Zambia and the UK. A second edition is available. You can obtain it by contacting me directly at . 
~~~ I returned to Africa in 1992. I began journaling on a regular basis to give my life more continuity. After meeting my 2nd husband in Lusaka I moved to the US in 1994.  In 1998 the storytellers of Arkansas USA convinced me that it was time, and so I finally fulfilled my lifelong dream of becoming a serious writer.  I sat down and drafted Ninety Days in Lusaka as a long short story.
~~~ At the turn of the century I moved back to Australia and finally settled on the Sunshine Coast.   I had some paid work writing a biography and ghost writing.